The weather in the UK over the last two weekends has been awful. First storm Ciara, then storm Dennis have wreaked havoc with winds and rain – and they have left our new allotment rather wet! It’s set us back a few weeks, as I won’t be able to continue digging until it drys out in at least a week or so.

Its half term here, and we have wondered down today to rescue the pink rose where I abandoned it in the shed last week. I didn’t expect the allotment to flood and had taken the rose to plant, but unfortunately, the spot where I planned to plant at the side of the shed was under two inches of water. We took a plant pot down with us so we could plant our rose, I cant wait to see it flower!

Our allotment trip was short lived as both Lily & Ava fell in the water. Lily was really unhappy with her cold soggy walk home, though Ava didnt seem to mind in the slightest. They all cheered up after a nice shower and a hot chocolate in their pyjamas.

We did managed to get the rose planted into a container before we left. Its our first plant on the allotment, we are so excited to see its beautiful flowers in a few months!

See you next time,

Hannah xx